Photo Expeditions with Holly Jansen
Monday, January 22, 2018
By Holly Jansen
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A Photographic Story - A Gift from the Sea -

I love sharing this type of photographic story. This week, we took a client out on an early morning photo shoot in the Santa Barbara area. When I say early, I mean early. We met her at 6:15am at her hotel in Santa Barbara, and we live an hour away from there. So we were prepared for anything, hoping that we would get to our location and find something beautiful, surprising, or uplifting and we found it all and more!

You never know what you are going to get when you are depending on nature to put on a show, but it was a spectacularly beautiful morning! As we pulled up to the beach, the sky was starting to turn an amazing color of peach. We walked down this path lined with shoulder high grasses that had turned brown from the hot summer sun, now waiting for winter. As we walked down the steep narrow trail towards the beach, I could see the color of the sky started to change. When we got down to the beach, the sky was a mixture of silver and peach and the shimmering reflections of the water were amazing.

I would love to go back to the beach in the next couple of weeks and shoot with my DSLR camera. You see when we do a workshop, we don’t shoot for ourselves, we are spending time with our clients helping them get the shot. But I did have my iPhone, and I was able to take some incredible shots with my other favorite camera.

As it always happens with the sunrise, all good things must come to an end, so we started to look around the beach to see what other options there were for photography. We had been down to that beach 2 or three weeks earlier with another client who came in from Germany to tour the Central Coast with us. We had taken them to this beach for a sunset shot and noticed an interesting broken down wooden seawall. We were only able to take a couple of shots of it as the sun was setting quickly and the light was fading. We knew this deteriorating seawall was a great subject for creative photography.

So we continued to walk down the beach as another section of the wooden seawall showed itself. As we continued on down the wall there were magical opportunities for photography. There were lengths of seaweed creatively draped around the wooden planks of the fence, as well as wrapped delicately around rocks. There were happy faces painted on the wood plank fences and uplifting phrases splattered on the wall like graffiti. I have never experienced such fun, inspirational and enlightening art in such an unexpected place. I plan to go back to this beach as an upcoming birthday present to myself and I will look forward to exploring more of this gift from the sea.